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Corporate Culture

Morale and the Bottom Line

At MY Consulting Group, we don’t pretend to be perfect. But we understand that employee morale has a direct, positive correlation to customer satisfaction. We work hard to provide our employees with a stable and enjoyable environment that fosters strong retention rates and desirable career paths.

Dual Accountability

We strive to provide a corporate culture that emphasizes integrity, accountability, and honest communication – to both clients and employees. We honor our word and correct our mistakes. Unethical behavior is not tolerated and hard work is rewarded.


A core belief of our leadership team is that we must hold ourselves accountable to our employees in order to attract and retain the best people. We embrace our standards at the top, we ensure we provide top-notch compensation packages, and we never lose sight of the fact that all of us enjoy and benefit from a fun, cooperative, and professionally rewarding work environment.