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Welcome to MY Consulting Group

Most companies will tell you they value long-term client relationships. We actually believe that. Our goal is to be the consultant of choice in the markets we serve, and every part of our philosophy is derived from our complete commitment to our clients.


First, we value our integrity above all else. Our company was founded on the belief that the only way to maintain our credibility is to be in a position to give our word without reservation. Ask for names of clients who have worked with us for years. We want them to tell you how seriously we honor our reputation.


Second, we understand that you seek outside assistance to either access expertise not currently available within your organization or supplement in-house resources to best achieve your goals and timelines. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of providing value-added services and solutions to our clients. We aren’t interested in being all things to you or wasting your time – we’re interested in partnering with you to accomplish more for your organization.


Finally, we consider our employees to be clients as well. Why is this important? Because we hire and retain the very best.  Companies plagued with turnover and poor morale are distracted and unable to give you their best effort. We hold our employees accountable to the client and we hold ourselves accountable to our employees.


Are you getting what you need from your current consulting team? MY Consulting Group wants to be YOUR next solutions partner.